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Emotional Intelligence: The Key to More Successful Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship is often seen as a job that requires completing various roles ranging from challenges, effective relationships, and making decisions that will affect our business. Entrepreneurship is often not predicted correctly, so skills and business acumen are thought to be important points in becoming a truly successful entrepreneur. There is an important role in entrepreneurship, namely the role of managing emotions or what could be called emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is often underestimated simply because it prioritizes emotions/logic, even though brilliant ideas and good skills are often influenced by emotional stability so that you can better understand situations and conditions.

Strong emotional intelligence is considered to increase the success of an entrepreneur because it helps an entrepreneur to make more mature decisions and handle conflict wisely, and good entrepreneurs can utilize their emotions to provide emotional calm and increase motivation for the teams that work with them. The influence of emotional intelligence also has another positive impact, namely reducing impulsive behavior and panic attacks when there is a situation that allows crucial decisions to be made.

So, although skills and knowledge are very important for an entrepreneur, there is no doubt that it is important to hone emotional intelligence in entrepreneurs to become a long-term foundation. Sharpening skills, knowledge, and emotional intelligence in an entrepreneur can provide great opportunities for business success.

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