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Arsip bulan June 2024

The Role of Leadership in Promoting Increased Integrity in the Workplace

Integrity is a manifestation of the character of professionalism. Integrity refers to the quality that underlies public trust and becomes the benchmark for a person to test all decisions he will make (Retnowati et al, 2019). According to Tarigan (2011) in Retnowati et al (2019) integrity has principles that require every practitioner to behave firmly, honestly, and fairly in establishing...

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to More Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is often seen as a job that requires completing various roles ranging from challenges, effective relationships, and making decisions that will affect our business. Entrepreneurship is often not predicted correctly, so skills and business acumen are thought to be important points in becoming a truly successful entrepreneur. There is an important role in entrepreneurship, namely the role of managing emotions or what could be called emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is...